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FULBRIGHT/2024-25 Global Scholar Award for U.S. Citizens

Number of Awards: Varies
Category: Professional Project, Research, Teaching or Teaching/Research

Award Activity: Collaborative research or combined teaching and research activities or to pursue a professional project in their area of specialization.

Activities may also include consulting on curriculum, program and faculty development and conducting workshops. Applicants with a teaching/research project may determine the percentage of the grant dedicated to each activity and should define this in the project proposal. The activities can be conducted in the same academic year or over the course of two consecutive years and may consist of one multi-country trip, two or three single country trips or two dual-country trips.

Award Length and Period: Minimum length of the total grant is three months and the maximum is six months. A minimum of one month must be spent in each host country, each visit. September 2024 to June 2025 (for Greece)

Disciplines Applications are sought in all disciplines

Application Deadline September 15, 2023

Award Details: For further details, award requirements, stipends/benefits and country/area overview see

Scholarship Foundation
Level of Studies

Post Doctoral


Selection Criteria


Academic Performance

Studies Location


Study Subject


Medical Sciences

Environmental Sciences

Science and Engineering

Social Sciences

Law Sciences

Economics – Management

Educational Sciences




Past application period

Feb. 1, 2023 - Sept. 15, 2023