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FULBRIGHT/2024-25 U.S. Student Program: Open Study/Research Awards (up to 5 awards)

Award Profile
Up to 5 grants are available to recent university and college graduates, Master’s and Ph.D. level students who would like to conduct independent research during academic year 2024-2025. See "Candidate Profile" for a description of the award categories.

Grant Length
6-9 months

The official start date for U.S. Fulbright Student Research Grants in Greece is September 15. All grants need to conclude by end of June. Six-month grant terms are available for Ph.D. candidates and independent arts/cultural projects.

In-Country Orientation
Grantees are required to participate in a two-day orientation program organized by the Fulbright Foundation in Greece in late September 2024 and a seminar in Spring 2025.

Candidate Profile
Fulbright Greece will award up to five grants to a) recent college/university graduates, b) students pursuing a Master’s degree and c) Ph.D. candidates. Applications will be considered from well-qualified students in all fields and at all degree levels that require minimal supervision. The Fulbright Foundation especially encourages applications for research in: environmental and sustainability studies, marine sciences, STEM fields, STEAM education, negotiation and conflict management/human rights, technology in the arts and education, agriculture, political science, transportation science, climate and climate diplomacy, renewable resources and energy. Art projects require an academic affiliation with a Greek state university or an art public benefit organization. Graduate level students of classical, Byzantine and contemporary Greece who wish to conduct research at the American School of Classical Studies at Athens (ASCSA) are also welcome to apply. Students must file a separate application to the ASCSA in addition to their Fulbright application.

Dual citizens of this country are eligible
Residency in host country permitted in year prior to grant

Accepted Degree Levels

Foreign Language Proficiency
Not Required

Additional Information
Independent research projects with minimal support from local English speaking hosts may require a good command of the Greek language. Some study of Modern Greek prior to arrival is encouraged in order to promote deeper engagement with the host community. During their grant term in Greece, students will be provided with a small stipend for Greek language lessons.

Fulbright Proposal Types
Independent Study/Research: Yes
Graduate Degree Enrollment: No

Independent Study/Research:
Letter required for independent study or research at deadline

Applicants are required to secure affiliation(s) in Greece and submit letters of invitation/affiliation indicating name/position of host and details on collaborating educational/cultural organization/institution. Projects must be well formulated and achievable under the guidance of an adviser/mentor at an educational, cultural, or government institution. The Fulbright Foundation in Greece can assist candidates with affiliations but it is up to the candidate to secure a host institution/organization. Placements take place throughout Greece and regional diversity is encouraged.

Students can seek affiliations here

The Fulbright Foundation in Greece reserves the right to interview finalists via an online platform or by telephone.
Affiliation Fees/Tuition Covered in Grant Benefits
Associate Membership fees (up to 1000 USD) for a grantee affiliated with the American School of Classical Studies (ASCSA) may also be provided.

Housing Arrangements
Grantees are responsible for arranging their own accommodation in Greece.

Dependent financial support is available.
Increase of monthly maintenance allowance by 150 USD for up to two dependents.

Scholarship Foundation
Level of Studies


Selection Criteria

Academic Performance

Studies Location


Study Subject


Medical Sciences

Environmental Sciences

Science and Engineering

Social Sciences

Law Sciences

Economics – Management

Educational Sciences




Past application period

April 3, 2023 - Oct. 10, 2023